Hi ! i'm simo

I am a Notion certified consultant and ambassador, Make certified partner, Coda expert, and digital system strategist and developer.

I collaborate with global organizations and entrepreneurs to develop intentional digital systems using Notion/Coda, automation, and complementary tools.

Notion Consultant
No Code Developer
systems strategist
Notion Consultant
Notion Consultant
No Code Developer
Make Certified
Automation Developer
Notion Consultant
No Code Developer
Make Certified
Automation Developer



I intend to be the most high-integrity "company of one" you have ever collaborated with. These are the principles that guide my work.


be long-term oriented

Do not compromise long-term quality of work with short-term expediency of outcome.


be client-oriented

The work I do is for the client to use sustainably and scalably over time. Factor in the unexpected into the contract price in order to respect value #1 and not feel resentful.


promised = done

When you promise something, do it before the deadline, or let the client know beforehand and apologize.


pick carefully

Only collaborate with organizations (and people) you would work for as an employee.


pay attention, and be a good person

Pay attention to the underlying client needs, and be a selflessly good person in addressing those needs exactly as they need to be addressed—even if it takes longer.




You cannot become happy

You can only be happy. Do not forget that, in my (our) work, the process is more valuable than the outcome. Have fun along the way



To respect value #4 I must be unconditionally honest with every client I come into contact with.



Avoid hyperactive hive mind, constant communication. Develop systems to collaborate with clients, and spend the majority of the time doing the work instead of talking about it


“Like a fine Italian chianti, Simone will sooth your Notion anxieties”

Stephen's picture
Stephen Karaolis
Pear the Agency

"Simone is great. He is very concise and clear in his instructions and guides. He helped us set up our Company Wiki and process for documenting SOPs in Notion. We will continue to work with Simone as we build out Notion to do more and more for our business."

Kjetil's picture
Kjetil Hansen

"Simone is fantastic! If you need a Notion expert, he's your guy! He was incredibly patient with my chaotic energy and was able to pull together a wonderful Notion system for me with the information I gave him. I especially appreciated him being assertive in giving direction and suggestions for what was possible. Sometimes you know exactly what you want and you can give clear directions; other times you don't and you're the one who needs directions! In either scenario, I would trust Simone with my (organizational) life!"

Tina Lasisi picture
Tina Lasisi
Lasisi Lab

"Simone is excellent to work with, understanding all the needs of the project and delivering it in a timely fashion."

Abbas' picture
Abbas Jaffar Ali
Tech Radar ME

"Simone is extremely talented and manages Notion and Super.so perfectly. He was very responsive, accommodating and attentive. If you are looking to make a modern website using Notion, Simone is the person to contact."

diana's picture
Diane Drubay
We Are Museums

"Simone helped my podcasting production company immensely improve our systems - would highly recommend him."

andre's picture
André Duqum
Meraki Media

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