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MrBeast is arguably the most sensational YouTube channel and personality on the internet. Behind each video, there is an intense labor of internal ideation, talent management, and peak creative expression. All of these are now managed in a scalable and creativity-inducing digital system.

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To be the best on YouTube, you need to differentiate yourself significantly. One of the core elements that differentiate "banger" videos from mediocre ones is the conceptual ideas behind them. Creativity is enhanced by constraints, often times. Blake and the MrBeast ideation team don't have a clear process to manage and optimize ideation, yet.


Create a centralized Notion system to manage the entire MrBeast ideation process, where team members can collaborate and foster creativity, with the end goal of producing banger ideas for banger videos, all of the time. And rewarding the right people at the right time for their creative inputs through performance analytics.

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Blake, head of ideation at MrBeast, had his mind clear when we started our project: a foundational system already set up in Notion, but a lot of ideas and need for improvements in his mind. So, we started from the first principle: what is the fundamental process of the ideation team? - we asked ourselves. Blake and I elaborated on the answer, and I helped him turn those processes into reality through the use of Notion and automation. We worked closely in an "agile" manner - with constant updates, feedback, and iterations on the existing system. All the while the whole team transitioned into the new workflows until they became the new standard, and in constant improvement, just like ideas that will be turned into "banger" videos, one day.



Blake has control over the ideation process at MrBeast. Creativity breeds in carefully-crafted constraints. He can oversee what is going on at any time, and work on ideas in order to turn them into stunning videos that set the standard in the YouTube industry.

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