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Truffle Shuffle would like to sustainably scale its business. They are looking to do so by developing and implementing internal operational workflows that are usable by everyone in the team and can scale with the company.

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When you go from the "start-up" to the "scale-up" phase, mastering your internal workflows and processes is essential to ensure everyone understands what they are doing and why (at least at a high level). Jason and Tyler, cofounders of Truffle Shuffle, would like to establish internal operations and workflows to become better CEOs and empower the whole team to work on their essential responsibilities.


Strategize and develop a centralized business and marketing operations management system, with the help of Notion and some key principles from "The Great CEO Within" by Matt Mochery.

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Jason, Margot, Tyler, and I began laying out the foundations of the Notion systems starting from "CEO-level" management systems including tasks and projects management. Next up, we moved on to build an internal "wiki" system with accountable individuals and clear areas of responsibility. We finally ventured to develop the "Marketing Machine", a central place to manage every marketing activity you can think of (e.g., campaigns, social media content, paid advertising).



Truffle Shuffle has clear operational systems in Notion. Jason and Tyler (cofounders) can focus on the strategic-level tasks through their custom systems. Everyone at the company has access to clear operating procedures and documentation with accountable individuals. The marketing team can double down on sustainable scalability by orchestrating all their activities in one collaborative place.