Automation Setup
Notion Workspace Optimization

Tech Radar ME


The core operations of the business consist of producing editorial content that spans from "the best headphones in 2022" to "the best Apple TV shows to watch in the UAE in 2022".

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As a distributed team, how can TechRadarME ensure everyone in the team knows what they are working on, and for what purpose?


Optimize the team-wide Notion workspace to ensure internal operations are clear, scalable, and usable by everyone in the team. This ensures the effective functioning of a distributed business.

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My job was to audit the existing Notion workspace, look for improvement opportunities, propose solutions, and implement them. The help of Abbas, head of TechRadar ME was crucial for the effective revamp of the Notion systems.



A revamped system to assign, track, and manage editorials and tasks across the team. A more streamlined process for managing projects (medium-long term) and products (short-term) through the use of database relations and Notion templates. A new automation implemented through the use of Make to create new standard editorial tasks whenever a new product gets created.