System development

Foothill College


How can you capture knowledge quickly and process it easily for maximum retention and ease of sharing the knowledge with students/the world? This project consisted of creating a custom automated workflow between Raindrop, Notion, and Super following the CODE framework (capture, organize, distill, express).

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There is a ton of knowledge around music technology on the internet. How can students develop judgment to separate the wheat from the chaff?


With this project, Foothill College Music Tech would like to develop a streamlined system for capturing, organizing, and sharing resources and bookmarks with their students. So they can navigate their way into the music tech jungle, remove aliasing (unwanted frequencies), and build a critical sense of judgment.

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We started from a principle (the CODE framework from Tiago Forte) to build an end-to-end automated solution to capture, organize, and share music tech bookmarks with the world. Raindrop is the tool for capturing knowledge. Raindrop bookmarks and collections (folders) to share with the world are synced with relational databases in Notion through Make ( The final public-facing website is built in Super, hence automatically synced with Notion.



One source of truth, multiple tools involved.