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Cofounders Stephen and Austin at Pear the Agency have been running their public relations business in their heads for years. They are looking to finally build their "second brain" to run their business' internal operations and client work in one place (that is not their head) and gain clarity.

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Running a PR agency requires juggling a ton of components all at once (e.g., press releases, doing internal research, producing content). How can Pear the Agency keep track of all the things going on, while doubling down on client satisfaction?


Map the key processes of the business (until now in the heads of Stephen and Austin), and then develop a centralized management system for the entire team to use sustainably and effectively over time, which scales with the agency.

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Stephen, Austin, and the team at Pear the Agency helped me understand the key operational processes of their business. After an initial strategic and workflow planning stage, I began making the systems come to life in Notion. The project consisted of multiple iterations. I built, the team provided feedback, and I made improvements. And the loop kept going. Our collaboration is still ongoing, although the Notion systems are well-established and used daily by the team.



Pear the Agency has turned the knowledge in the cofounders' minds into an actionable, asynchronous system of collaboration that makes every client project count and not get lost in memory.